About us

In the fast-paced and highly demanding neighborhood of downtown San Francisco lives a little place to pause, cheer, and enjoy a vacation of the mind, belly, and spirit. Cenote is a reference to the natural limestone sinkholes found in Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula. Beautiful natural places that expose groundwater. A tropical destination with life-giving properties; a geographical watering hole. Whether you are looking to pick up a breakfast burrito on your way into the office, stop in for a hearty salad to enjoy during your lunch break, or need a place to catch up with an old friend over a cocktail; Cenote offers it all.


Cenote was inspired by positive vibes and happy memories that Father - Daughter Duo, Randy, and Lauren, are reminded of when they think of Mexico. Initially, a place that was a favorite family vacation spot soon turned into concept inspiration for the two. As their Mexican vacations served as a time to be present with the family, take a break from the busyness of life, and provide some of the most wonderful views, nature, food, and drinks; they hope to bring those aspects into the heart of the Financial District for all to enjoy.


Cenote will be the newest addition to the Negi's family of brands that are located downtown in San Francisco. The duo currently own and operate 3 other locations; 2 of which are Cafe Venue on Montgomery St and Fremont St and the third is called Local Roots, located in an alley off of California St. Randy has been serving the downtown crowd for over 35 years and his daughter has been involved for 7. Although faced with the challenges of the last few years in this demographic, they are beyond excited to be a part of the rebuilding of such a special place.

Our dishes heritage

At Cenote, our chef has carefully crafted well balanced, lighter and brighter versions of our favorite traditional dishes. Our cuisine is California driven and Mexico inspired. We source our proteins and produce locally, predominantly from farms in Petaluma, Salinas Valley and Monterey while incorporating rich, authentic Mexican flavors and spices. Our homemade sauces, dressings and salsas perfectly compliment our healthy salads, grain bowls and tortas which are packed with freshly prepared vegetables, grains and greens.

Delcious Cerote meal
Delcious Cerote tequila


Escape the hustle and bustle of the Financial District and pop in for a refreshing margarita and a moment of relaxation. Starting at 3 pm, we offer happy hour drink specials and a small plates menu; perfect for sharing with a friend or coworker.

Visit Our Sister Locations

Cafe Venue

Locally owned and operated, Café Venue supports local, sustainable businesses and provides the freshest, most affordable choices in San Francisco while maintaining that a collective, collaborative approach is good for business, our community, and the environment. We buy from local farmers' markets and food producers whenever possible and offer competitive wages & benefits to our employees who are likely to know you by name if you visit us regularly.

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Local Roots

We serve our community by fueling our customers every day with fresh food to fit their lifestyle. Our chef crafted creations are dietitian approved and feature locally sourced ingredients. Our fresh produce and high quality, ethically raised proteins are delivered daily from farms in Petaluma and and Salinas Valley. We source our baked goods from Panorama Bakery, right here in SF and brew coffee beans that are roasted right across the bay by ZOLO in Berkeley. We've taken the "Shop Local, Eat Local" concept and turned it into our mission, because we care about our customers, our city, our neighbors and we want them all to thrive.

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